Dum Dum Shishu Utsab 2019

Dum Dum Shisu Utsav | Dum Dum Cultures

Dum Dum Shishu Utsab 2019 Dum Dum Shishu Utsab was organized on the 13th and 14th of January. The smile and laughter of the children are very precious. So, why not give the children a reason to smile, laugh, play, enjoy and have fun. Dum Dum Shishu Utsab 2019 was a celebration for the children. It was a reason for them to laugh and have fun. This effort of Dum Dum Shishu Utsab 2019 is really commendable. It is always nice to see the children bring out and express their…

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Amazing assemblage of Flower and culture at Belgharia Paosh Utsab and Puspa Prodorshoni 2019

Belgharia Paosh Festival & Flower Show

Belgharia Paosh Utsab and Puspa Prodorshoni 2019 or Belgharia Mela 2019. Held from 5th of January to 17th January. This mela has it’s history of 28 years, yes this mela has been held for 28 years. This year also the organizers had put in lot of effort to make this grand event possible and a success. This mela has amazing collection of well nurtured flowers… All this flowers where put up on exhibition for the visitors to admire. There where different varieties and sizes of flowers along with roses of…

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Paribesh Mela 2019 is an event to spread environment awareness.

Paribesh Mela | Dum Dum Culture

Dum Dum Paribesh Mela 2019 held from the 13th to 15th of January at Santan Sangha Ground, Dum Dum. Awareness towards the environment is a major concern for the mankind. So, these kind of events like the Paribesh Mela 2019 is very encouraging. Through which the awareness is spread in a fun manner. This event included flowers, and animals. Because along with humans, animals and plants equally share the planet. So, it is for us and our responsibility to nurture this planet for making it a better place to live…

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