Dum Dum Utsav 2020 celebrates the winter chill with Fun, Food and Festivities

Dum dum Utsav 2020

Dum Dum Utsav 2020. The best way to celebrate the winter chill with family and friends. This is the season of fun, food and festivities. And to Dum Dum Utsav 2020, was a unique way of celebrating all these activities together. There were numerous food stalls dishing out some amazing and unique foods which consisted of snacks, starters, full course meals. There were stalls showcasing and selling varied products starting from toys, handicrafts, handloom items, daily use kitchen and cooking accessories and much much more. The list was endless as…

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Pakhi Mela 2019 brings the colorful birds closer for us to behold their beauty.

Pakhi Mela

Pakhi Mela 2019, was a wonderful event for people of every age group. The Pakhi Mela 2019, was an effort to bring the beautiful nature a bit closer possible to us.  The Pakhi Mela 2019, or the pakhi prodorshoni, as the name suggests was a grand event. Here, one could find rarest of the beautiful birds. In other words, it was also an effort and initiative towards creating an awareness of saving these beautiful creatures of nature from extinction. The Pakhi Mela 2019, was an event which made the children…

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Dum Dum Mela 2019 An Amazing Bouquet of Cultural Events

Dum Dum mela

Dum Dum Mela 2019, like the previous years, this year was also a success. Dum Dum Mela 2019 was a collection of numerous stalls, kids rides and food stalls. As the previous years, Dum Dum Mela 2019 was also held in the same venue. There were many stalls. Stalls where you could find toys for kids, Stationery stalls, Stalls for cosmetics for the ladies. It also had many stalls which had some unique showpieces and curios. These showpieces and decorative items would surely beautify your home and add a classic…

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Dumdum Sangeet Mela 2019 an Harmonious Cultural Event

Dum Dum Sangeet Mela

Dumdum Sangeet Mela 2019 was a witness to some of the best performances of prominent singers from the music industry. It was an event one could cherish as it showcased the performance of singers from different genres of music. This event was a hit with the audience as it was not just a musical event, rather it was a celebration of music. Dumdum Sangeet Mela 2019, was a grand musical event which comprised of performances by popular singers. Dumdum Sangeet Mela 2019 Venue: Place: St. Mary’s School Ground. Date: 19th…

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Sabala Mela 2019 encourages self-dependency and create livelihood

Sabala Mela

Sabala Mela 2019, Inauguration on 18th December, 5:30 p.m. This event encourages self-employment and the creation of livelihood. Sabala Mela 2019, like the past years, this year was also a grand success. Sabala Mela 2019 as always was successful in creating a platform for the self-help groups. This was a great initiative by the (SHG & SE) the Self-Help Group and Self-Employment Department. This event was all about creating a platform for the artisans and the handicraft artists. Moreover, This was not just a platform for them to promote their…

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