A Cultural Mirror of Events in Dum Dum

Dum Dum Cultures is a blog to showcase the vast, rich cultural heritage through the cultural events in Dum Dum. It is very wonderful to witness the cultural heritage being promoted and organized with so much enthusiasm.

Dum Dum Cultures is an effort to create a platform for the rich cultural heritage and taking it to the next level by presenting it online and making the same smartphone a media to promote cultural heritage. 

Dum Dum Cultures commemorates the Rich Cultural events in Dumdum

The idea behind this blog is to provide a medium through which the cultural events taking place in and around Dum Dum region could be spread all over. As the online or web media is taking over and is accessed by anybody and everybody, just by the tip of their fingers, we thought that this could be an amazing venture to provide all those who are in a cultural look-out with an experience which they could cherish.

There are numerous cultural events taking place in Dum Dum. Most events are organized to commemorate the great personalities and individuals from the chapters of history. These great men and women have played a vital role in every aspect of our being a human self. They have a major contribution to society and our well-being. They have put in their whole life towards the upliftment of the human race. So, it is our duty to pay respect and homage to these great personalities and spread awareness and knowledge further. The cultural events educate and enlighten us about these great human beings. Therefore, they are a way of educating through entertainment. Moreover, some events take up the environmental issue as well. 


In this modern era of digital development, we thought of giving the cultural collage a digital dimension. Where we will bring the colors of the culture and heritage at your fingertips. There might be possibilities that many of us may not be able to visit these cultural events in person. So, here we are trying to bring in those events straight to you through this blog. And, even for those who did visit and enjoyed those events, this blog will be a reason for them to cherish those moments again. 

Hence, we see that these cultural events educate and spread smiles among the children. These events spread awareness among us, in their own unique way.