Dumdum Nale Jhole 2020 The confluence of Food and Fun

Polao Chicken Combo at Dumdum Nale Jhole 2020

Dumdum Nale Jhole 2020 was an amazing confluence of fun and food. Dumdum Nale Jhole 2020, brings fun, food and foodies together. As the winter chill in the air has loosened its grip a bit, the pleasant weather was reason of encouragement for many to come out and explore the excitement. Food….foodies and fun…! This was Dum Dum Nale Jhole 2020. Dumdum Nale Jhole 2020, as every year was held at the same place. This has become a landmark location for Nale Jhole and the food lovers. This has become…

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Kajipara Pithe Puli | Food Festival in Dum Dum 2019

Pithe Puli Utsav | Dum Dum Cultures

When talking about food festival in Dumdum, kolkata, it is important to mention the Pitther Haat 2019. A traditional Bengali cuisine will be incomplete without the sweet dessert we call Pithe and Puli. Pitthe’r Haat 2019, in Dum Dum. Yes… this is was a way to celebrate Poush Utsav. Pithe Puli is an unique delicacy made on the special occasion of poush Utsav. And Pitthe’r Haat made an exclusive and successful effort to serve this special delicacy. A Sweet Food Festival: In this fair there were numerous different types of…

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Dum Dum Pithe Puli Utsab 2019

Pithe Puli Utsav | | Dum Dum Cultures

The Cultural events in Dum Dum is a bouquet of culture and cuisine. And our next stop was at the Dum Dum Pithe Puli Utsab 2019 taking place besides the Jawpur Joyibohat from the 16th of January.  The Amazing variety of pitthe, puli and patishapta The Traditional Bengali cuisine has so much to offer that sometimes, in these cultural events it is very difficult to taste all the dishes. And at the same time, it is also difficult to miss out on any of the delectable dishes.  While exploring the…

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Food Festival | Dum Dum Nale Jhole 2019

Dum Dum Nale Jhole Food Festival | Dum Dum Cultures

Nale Jhole 2019, as the name itself is suggestive enough, that it goes synonymous with food. Yes, Lots of food, different varieties of food. Numerous cuisines to suit different taste buds. Dum Dum Khadyo Mela 2019 is a celebration of food and music. Kolkata Nale Jhole Dum Dum Mela 2019 is one of the popular among the food festival in Dum Dum, Kolkata. The Nale Jhole Khadyo mela 2019 serves different and unique variety of food to suit every taste bud. This was the 7th year of Nale Jhole. It…

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Dum Dum Utsav 2019 | Dum Dum Fair

Dum Dum Utsab 2019 | dumdumcultures

Dum Dum Utsav 2019 or Dumdum’e hoichoi (দমদমে হ ই চ ই !) Held from 2nd – 9th January, at Lichubagan Ground, Gorabazar, Dum Dum Cantonment. Hoichoi…yes it’s having fun…. We are here at the Dum Dum mela…. The most amazing feature of the Dum Dum Fair is that they have numerous stalls of food items and a special attraction for flower lovers…yes…there are lots of flowers like different varieties of rose, and unbelievable sizes of Daliah and my favorite bonsai…yes a collection of Bonsai’s which we can see when…

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