Dum Dum Mela 2019 An Amazing Bouquet of Cultural Events

Dum Dum mela

Dum Dum Mela 2019, like the previous years, this year was also a success.

Dum Dum Mela 2019 was a collection of numerous stalls, kids rides and food stalls.

As the previous years, Dum Dum Mela 2019 was also held in the same venue. There were many stalls. Stalls where you could find toys for kids, Stationery stalls, Stalls for cosmetics for the ladies. It also had many stalls which had some unique showpieces and curios. These showpieces and decorative items would surely beautify your home and add a classic as well as contemporary touch to your home. 

Dum Dum Mela 2019 was a place where you could enjoy and have fun with your family and friends in the winter season. A whole evening of fun, frolic and food. After going around the whole fair, when you find your stomach craving for some light snacks, you could grab some steaming hot Momo, the usual but relishing ghugni. My favorite though was the Pav Bhaaji, as it was the pavs served toasted with butter. There was the very common but everyone’s favorite Phuchkas as well. And of course, not to forget the fish fries, chicken fries. There were stalls which dished out some great fish menu’s mostly fried along with it’s chicken counterpart preparations as well. There were stalls which also presented some amazing dishes like the Biryani and other popular menu which you could have as full course meal.

Fun for Kids:

Dum Dum Mela 2019 had some amazing rides. To name a few, the gaint ferris wheel, the Tora-tora and lots more. The best and unique fun activity that caught my eyes was a small boating pool. Yes, A small was set up where small single seater hand-paddled boats for children where afloat. It was amazing to see small children trying to row the boats and bumping on to the next boat and having great fun. Water splashing and creating ripples was an amazing site to witness, that to without getting wet in this winter.

So, no doubt this mela or the fair was an amazing package of fun and excitement, both for the kids and their parents.



Place: Dum Dum Road Surer Ground.
Date: 20th to 7th Jan
Timing: 3 pm to 9 pm


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