Dum Dum Shishu Utsab 2019

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Dum Dum Shishu Utsab 2019

Dum Dum Shishu Utsab was organized on the 13th and 14th of January.

The smile and laughter of the children are very precious. So, why not give the children a reason to smile, laugh, play, enjoy and have fun.

Dum Dum Shishu Utsab 2019 was a celebration for the children. It was a reason for them to laugh and have fun. This effort of Dum Dum Shishu Utsab 2019 is really commendable.

It is always nice to see the children bring out and express their talent. Be it in games or art, the children every moment want to explore and express their talents. So, we just have to be ready with the canvas providing them the opportunity to explore their hobbies and enjoy every moment of what they are doing.

There were many events planned to encourage the budding artists inside the little children.

On the 13th the event started off with drawing competition followed by recitation competition. And in the evening plays especially for the children.

On the 14th the evening started off with Dance competition followed by song performance by popular artists.

This event was an enjoyable one for the visitors also because it is always nice to see children filling the canvas with colorful expressions.

Some Moments of Shisu Utsav:


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