Dumdum Nale Jhole 2020 The confluence of Food and Fun

Polao Chicken Combo at Dumdum Nale Jhole 2020

Dumdum Nale Jhole 2020 was an amazing confluence of fun and food.

Dumdum Nale Jhole 2020, brings fun, food and foodies together.

As the winter chill in the air has loosened its grip a bit, the pleasant weather was reason of encouragement for many to come out and explore the excitement. Food….foodies and fun…! This was Dum Dum Nale Jhole 2020.

Chicken Items at Dum Dum Nale Jhole 2020Dumdum Nale Jhole 2020, as every year was held at the same place. This has become a landmark location for Nale Jhole and the food lovers. This has become a heaven for food lovers. Because you get to taste food from all the popular outlets throughout Kolkata at one single location. And, the best part is that in some stalls you can see your favorite delicacies being prepared in front of your eyes. There were stalls preparing various cuisines that there are specialized in. There were stalls presenting the traditional Bengali cuisines as well. Therefore, it was a wonderful experience as a whole.

Major Attractions:

This exciting food festival was a venue where some of the popular food outlets have set up their stalls, like the Aminia, Mitra Cafe, Arsalan, Dada Boudi Biryani, Wow Momo and Pizza Hut. You could also taste some delicious desserts from Nalin Chandra Das, Mishti Kotha, K.C. Das and much more. You could taste some amazing flavors of ice-cream at the Baskin Robbins ice-cream stall. All these particular outlets dished out their popular food items. This event also presented the amazing Pithe Puli stall. Pithe Puli is an interesting delicacy of Bengal, which is prepared at the time of Sankranti. Hence, there was a line of amazing and irresistible line of food stalls to try out their dishes.


Food along with Fun:

This event was not only a celebration of food, but Dumdum Nale Jhole 2020 is also a platform for some exciting cultural events. A venue where performances of eminent personalities and artists were also taking place.

Location of Dum Dum Nale Jhole 2020:

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