Dumdum Sangeet Mela 2019 an Harmonious Cultural Event

Dum Dum Sangeet Mela

Dumdum Sangeet Mela 2019 was a witness to some of the best performances of prominent singers from the music industry. It was an event one could cherish as it showcased the performance of singers from different genres of music. This event was a hit with the audience as it was not just a musical event, rather it was a celebration of music.

Dumdum Sangeet Mela 2019, was a grand musical event which comprised of performances by popular singers.

Dumdum Sangeet Mela 2019 Venue:

Place: St. Mary’s School Ground.

Date: 19th to 22nd Dec. 

This event took place on the St. Mary’s School grounds. A grand gate structured on the entrance was a complimentary attraction of this show. It was a huge gate resembling an entrance to a Temple, Yes, it was also something awesome. The gate itself was so enchanting that it enticed everyone to take entry through it. While going through this gate, there was an overhanging chandelier as well which presented a grand feel to everyone going through the entrance gate.

Now, coming inside the main ground, a huge LED screen was set up so that all those audiences who were unable to get close enough to the stage due to the huge gathering, could enjoy every musical moment. There was also a great statue of Goddess Saraswati. And the inside of the ground walls was brilliantly lighted and decorated with small statuettes playing various musical instruments.

The most interesting part of this Dumdum Sangeet Mela 2019 was that there was a gallery called the musical instrument Zone. Here, numerous instruments were showcased, starting from the folk instruments, classical instruments, many other instruments. This gallery presented the collection of almost all the musical instruments; You name it and it was there.

Overall, Dumdum Sangeet Mela 2019 presented a musical museum, comprising of musical instruments, musicians and singers. This event incorporated everything which is required for making an event successful.

Main Attractions:

  1. 19th Dec: Raghav Chattopadhyay, Palak Muchhal, Palash Muchhal.
  2. 20th Dec: Zubeen Garg, Ankita Bhattacharya
  3. 21st Dec: Madhusree Bhattacharya, Abhijit Bhattacharya
  4. 22nd Dec: James, Lagnajita Chakroborty


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