Food Festival | Dum Dum Nale Jhole 2019

Dum Dum Nale Jhole Food Festival | Dum Dum Cultures

Nale Jhole 2019, as the name itself is suggestive enough, that it goes synonymous with food. Yes, Lots of food, different varieties of food. Numerous cuisines to suit different taste buds. Dum Dum Khadyo Mela 2019 is a celebration of food and music. Kolkata Nale Jhole Dum Dum Mela 2019 is one of the popular among the food festival in Dum Dum, Kolkata. The Nale Jhole Khadyo mela 2019 serves different and unique variety of food to suit every taste bud.

This was the 7th year of Nale Jhole. It was held from the 17th January to 26th January at 4, Daga Colony, Dum Dum Kolkata. Enthusiastic foodies have made this event a success. The organizers have also put in a lot of effort to make this event a grand success. Along with food, there was entertainment also. A podium was set up alongside the mela ground where cultural events were taking place. Numerous artists were performing there.

The most unique thing was, even while you are out on the field enjoying the food you still will not miss out on the cultural event. Because, as a giant screen was set up and the performance taking place was streaming on the screen.

Nale Jhole: The Ultimate food festival

There were numerous food stalls showcasing and serving their cuisines:

Mitra Café, Arsalan, Aminia, Banchharam, Domino’s, Alibaba, Rang De Basanti, Pizza Hut, Wow Momo, S.F.D.C., Bhojohori Manna, Go Lebanese, Dada Boudi Biriyani, Baskin Robbins…And many more…

Moreover, to compliment the poush season there were pitthe puli stalls as well.

Exotic seafood was also a special attraction; Lobsters, Crabs and octopus were present in different variations.

Dumdum Nale Jhole | Food Festival in Dum Dum | Dum Dum Cultures

Hence, this mela opened up the gateway to the kitchens of many restaurants. Kabiraji, for instance, we all must have tasted this popular cuisine of Kolkata. At Nale Jhole one could witness the unique way of Kabiraji preparation, which was a wonderful experience. Lets see, how to Make Kabiraji?

How to make Kabiraji?

Therefore, a single visit to Nale Jhole will really not satisfy one’s craving for exquisite cuisine. As, there are so many stalls, one has to visit each and every day of the event to taste the amazing specialties of all the stalls.

Therefore, Nale Jhole 2019, was a superb combination of Cuisine and Culture.

This is a food lovers festival in Dumdum, Kolkata.

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