Kajipara Pithe Puli | Food Festival in Dum Dum 2019

Pithe Puli Utsav | Dum Dum Cultures

When talking about food festival in Dumdum, kolkata, it is important to mention the Pitther Haat 2019.

A traditional Bengali cuisine will be incomplete without the sweet dessert we call Pithe and Puli.

Pitthe’r Haat 2019, in Dum Dum. Yes… this is was a way to celebrate Poush Utsav. Pithe Puli is an unique delicacy made on the special occasion of poush Utsav. And Pitthe’r Haat made an exclusive and successful effort to serve this special delicacy.

A Sweet Food Festival:

In this fair there were numerous different types of Pitthe and Puli. This fair was organized at the Kajipara shishu uddyan, from the 15th to 16th January 2019. This grand cuisine and cultural event was possible with the diligent effort of Kajipara Unnayan Parishad (Kajipara Development Committee).

Sweet Potato Pithe | Dum Dum Cultures

Food Festival in Dum Dum included the famous Pithe Puli utsav. Puli and Pithe is among the Traditional Bengali Cuisine. This is a popular Bengali sweet dish.

Pithe Puli in varies forms:

Different varities of Pitthe and Puli made by the local residents were served there. It took great effort to make so many pithhe. Most of them started as early as 4’O’Clock in the morning. Because, these pitthe puli making involves different steps and great specialization and time consuming.

The different varieties of pitthe one could find here were:

  1. Doodh Puli
  2. Chushir’r Payesh
  3. Gokul Pitthe
  4. Kheerer Patishapta
  5. Narkel’er patishapta
  6. Kheer’er Bora
  7. Gurer Patishapta
  8. Chitai Pitthe
  9. Annada Pitthe

Among the stalls serving pitthe and puli, one of the stalls had something different to offer, but interesting. Yes, the same delicacy but in a different variation, The Blue Velvet… they were serving Nolen Gur Mousse and Nolen Gur Cupcake along with their different variations of desserts.

Blue Velvet | Nolen Gur Mousse | Cupcake & Desserts | Dum Dum Cultures

Moving on, some stalls also served hot crisp Chicken and Kodaishutir chop just to offer a change to your taste buds. Besides, all the sweet dish, Dahi Vora was a interesting variation.

All these unique delicacy was available in an affordable price range of Rs. 10 – Rs. 20. Hence, making it very pocket friendly.

Therefore Pithe Puli Utsav was nostalgic and a great way to celebrate the Poush Sangkranti in such a grand way.


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