Nandan Utsab 2020, Exotic Exhibition of Birds and Fish

Nanda Utsav 2020

Nandan Utsab 2020, bringing the beautiful creatures closer to us to behold their beauty.

Nandan Utsab 2020 showcased colorful birds and fish exhibits.

This was an amazing event where some exotic beauty of nature, the colorful birds of various sizes, and species where present. Alongside this, the fish exhibit was also very attractive. As we could witness some amazing aquatic creatures closer to our eyes.

Beautiful Birds:

The Budgerigar, Cockatiel, Peach Faced Love Bird, and Fischer’s Love Bird were some of the beautiful and exotic birds you could see here. In this event, you could also see a huge collection of colorful birds like the Masked Love Bird, Red, and Green Macaw. The Congo Grey Parrot from South Africa was also seen here. this Congo Grey Parrot is a medium-sized bird, predominantly grey in color and black-billed, which typically weighs around 400gms. Little Corella Cockatoo was also one of the exhibits in this event. This elegant and lovable looking white bird is a native of Australia.


Fascinating Fish Gallery:

In this event, among some more unique, elegant and beautiful bird species present here was the Eclectus Parrot, which is also native from Australia. The uniqueness of this bird species in its color, the males generally have a colorful bright emerald green plumage. Whereas, the female variety of this bird has a bright red and purple/blue plumage. Another unique and beautiful bird present here was the Toucan. These birds have brightly marked colors and have notably large bills, which are often colorful as well. Another variety of birds was the Red Lory, a native of Indonesia. And, as the name suggests these have a unique pomegranate-red color plumage. 

The fish exhibit also had some amazing fish collections like the Oscar Fish, Mango Oscar, Cichlid Fish, and the Black Piranha. Some other varieties you could see were the Giant Gourami, Silver Shark, and the beautiful Red Tail Catfish. Another unique fish you could see here was the Alligator Garfish. 

Budgerigar Bird in Nandan Utsav 2020

Venue: Nandannagar Adarsha Higher Secondary Girls School

Date: 20th Jan – 2nd February


Photographs courtesy: Subir Malik

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