Nimta Book Fair 2020, Confluence of Knowledge and Culture

Nimta Book Fair 2020

Nimta Book Fair 2020 was all about books, writers and the vast knowledge a book can provide us.

Nimta Book Fair 2020, a complete combination of Knowledge and Culture.

This event not only was to present and showcase books, but this event was also a platform for many such cultural events. This event also provided an excellent open stage discussion among prominent personalities from different forms of art and literature. This opened a passage to the world of vast knowledge for the audiences.

This year the some of the prominent publications were Sahitya Academy, Reader’s Paradise, Nath Publications and Ostrich publications. Karuna Prakashani, Chhaya Prakashani, Shaibya Prakashani and Kishore Gyan Bigyan also brought in their brand new stocks of books for the readers.

Nimta Book Fair 2020

Abhibhabak Darpan, Chitralekha Publications, Sahitya Tirtha and National Book Agency were also among there to entertain their readers. They also showcased some awesome creations by popular authors. The other well-known publications also the part of this grand event were Rabindra Granthalaya, Parul Prakashani, Ananda Publishers and Sishu Sahitya Sangsand. In this amazing bouquet of books Woodpecker Publishers, Dey’s Publishing House, Punaschya and Soumit Prakashani also brought forward their amazing collections.

There were books… books… and books all around. This event had all types of books appealing all types of readers of all age groups.

There were short stories, comic books and drawing books. The publishing houses showcased adventure novels, encyclopedias and books on travel and recipe books as well as Sports. Books on biography and autobiography of prominent personalities, world leaders, philanthropists, famous artists and performers were also there.

This event was also great exposure for the kids as well. Here, they were not only getting to choose, select purchase the book of their choice. But, they also got a chance to witness an interesting discussion of the famous and prominent personalities from different forms of arts and literature. Therefore, this event, the Nimta Book Fair 2020, was a paradise for book lovers.


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