Pakhi Mela 2019 brings the colorful birds closer for us to behold their beauty.

Pakhi Mela

Pakhi Mela 2019, was a wonderful event for people of every age group.

The Pakhi Mela 2019, was an effort to bring the beautiful nature a bit closer possible to us. 

The Pakhi Mela 2019, or the pakhi prodorshoni, as the name suggests was a grand event. Here, one could find rarest of the beautiful birds. In other words, it was also an effort and initiative towards creating an awareness of saving these beautiful creatures of nature from extinction.

The Pakhi Mela 2019, was an event which made the children all the more excited as they could witness these birds in front of their eyes. They might have read about or seen these birds only the pages of the book, but this event brought the beautiful creatures even closer. Some beautiful birds present in the exhibition were Fill Back Pigeon, Magic Pouter, Malakan Cockatoo, Umbrella Cockatoo, and many such exotic species of birds.

In addition, to the bird exhibition, there was a fish exhibition also. The beautiful swimming creatures present there were namely, Blue Angel Fish, Giant Gourami Fish. Red Cap Oranda Fish, Big Severum Fish, African Cichlid Fish, Silver Arawana Fish, and many more varieties of exotic fishes. These aquatic creatures were put on display so as we could cherish the sight of the beautiful fishes, in this event.

In other words, this event was a complete package of excitement among people of every age group. And, this event was a witness to a long queue of spectators lining up outside the venue.  In addition, a grand cultural event was also organized like the many other cultural performances like magic shows. 

Venue: Ghughudanga Bharati Vidyamandir School.
Date: 28th to 30th Dec. 
Timing: 5 p.m. to 10 p.m.


Photographs Courtesy: Subir Malik


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