Paribesh Mela 2020 Initiative towards Environmental Awareness

Flower Show at Paribesh Mela 2020

Paribesh Mela 2020 was an initiative to spread environmental awareness through different forms of events.

Paribesh Mela 2020 was an event where culture and environment went hand in hand.

Everything that surrounds us is some way or the other is responsible for our survival, which is called environment. And, it is a known fact, that the environment is degrading day by day, may be due to over-usage, pollution or contamination, lacking in re-instating or creating those resources. Therefore, keeping a balance on the usage and creation of these supplies or resources needed for our healthy survival has become the latest concern. 


This kind of environmental awareness programs, like, the Paribesh mela 2020 is much appreciated and enthusiastically welcome. These events through different kinds of cultural shows, events and audience engagement programs take awareness to the next level.

This planet is shared by humans, animals and plants in tandem. And this event was also a great step towards bringing these three major elements together. Here, you could witness different varieties of flowers and plants in the exhibition. Bonsai was one of the special attractions of this event. Alongside, an event for the animals also known as the best friend of humans, the dogs; different species and breeds of them.

Some great variety and species of dogs present here were 

Husky in Paribesh Mela 2020

There were exhibits which encouraged and educated us in the smart usage of the important resources of nature, garbage disposal methods which will not harm the Eco-system. Encouraging the usage of bio-degradable products and adopting practices that are energy-efficient and energy-saving.

Therefore, this event was a great success in making this planet a beautiful and healthy place to live. 


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