Swadeshi Mela 2020 Celebration for the Children

Swadeshi Mela 2020

The Swadeshi Mela 2020 was a great entertaining excuse to celebrate the season of fun with the children. There was movie shows for the Children. Bird and Fish Exhibition. And many other cultural events.

Swadeshi Mela 2020 was and unique way of celebrating with your children and loved ones.

This event was a film festival for children. This event showcased many memorable and nostalgic movies. This was not only loved by the children but also appreciated by the grown-ups as well.

Among the all-time best movies for children showed here were; Goopy Bagha Phire Elo, Stuart Little, Baby’s Day Out, Jumanji and Charlie Chaplin.

There were some other interesting and attractive exhibits as well. The bird show which a hit among the kids as well as the grown-up. Because some exotic and colorful birds were present here. The Fish Exhibition was also appreciated by all because there were some unique and exotic fish varieties that are hard to see. These Fish and Bird Exhibition was a grand success as it brought the exotic flying and swimming creatures from the various parts of the world.

Bird Exhibition in Swadeshi Mela 2020

Along with this, there was a flower show and entertaining cultural events.

Therefore, this was a grand event. This event was appreciated both by the children and grown-ups.

Find more Bird and Fish Exhibitions and Shows here.

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