Dog Show in Dum Dum – Dum Dum Youth Canine Association

Dog Show in Dum Dum 2021 organized by the Dum Dum Youth Canine Association

An All Breed Dog Show in Dum Dum 2021 organized by the Dum Dum Youth Canine Association. The Dum Dum Dog Show held in Dum Dum, Kolkata, presented an eventful Sunday afternoon on the 24th of January 2021. The Pandemic situation and the Lockdown due to the spread of the Coronavirus have affected our social life drastically. As we were to maintain social distancing, many fairs and cultural events have to be canceled. In the situation of a pandemic global lockdown, the children were also restricted in the homes, and…

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Paribesh Mela 2020 Initiative towards Environmental Awareness

Flower Show at Paribesh Mela 2020

Paribesh Mela 2020 was an initiative to spread environmental awareness through different forms of events. Paribesh Mela 2020 was an event where culture and environment went hand in hand. Everything that surrounds us is some way or the other is responsible for our survival, which is called environment. And, it is a known fact, that the environment is degrading day by day, may be due to over-usage, pollution or contamination, lacking in re-instating or creating those resources. Therefore, keeping a balance on the usage and creation of these supplies or…

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Paribesh Mela 2019 is an event to spread environment awareness.

Paribesh Mela | Dum Dum Culture

Dum Dum Paribesh Mela 2019 held from the 13th to 15th of January at Santan Sangha Ground, Dum Dum. Awareness towards the environment is a major concern for the mankind. So, these kind of events like the Paribesh Mela 2019 is very encouraging. Through which the awareness is spread in a fun manner. This event included flowers, and animals. Because along with humans, animals and plants equally share the planet. So, it is for us and our responsibility to nurture this planet for making it a better place to live…

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