Swadeshi Mela 2020 Celebration for the Children

Swadeshi Mela 2020

The Swadeshi Mela 2020 was a great entertaining excuse to celebrate the season of fun with the children. There was movie shows for the Children. Bird and Fish Exhibition. And many other cultural events. Swadeshi Mela 2020 was and unique way of celebrating with your children and loved ones. This event was a film festival for children. This event showcased many memorable and nostalgic movies. This was not only loved by the children but also appreciated by the grown-ups as well. Among the all-time best movies for children showed here…

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Dum Dum Ananda Mela 2019

Dum Dum Anada Mela 2019 | Dum Dum Cultures

Dum Dum Ananda Mela 2019 Venue: Ujwal Sangha Maidan, Dum Dum. Special Attractions: Dumdum Ananda Mela 2019 was a fair or mela with lots of unique exhibits. It took place from 11th to 17th of January, 2019. This fair had exhibits of exotic birds, which we do not see very often. Different varieties of macaws of different sizes breeds and color. Bird lovers flocked to admire the feathered animals so closely. Especially, it was really amusing for the kids. Another exotic exhibit was there collection of colorful fishes of different…

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