Paribesh Mela 2020 Initiative towards Environmental Awareness

Flower Show at Paribesh Mela 2020

Paribesh Mela 2020 was an initiative to spread environmental awareness through different forms of events. Paribesh Mela 2020 was an event where culture and environment went hand in hand. Everything that surrounds us is some way or the other is responsible for our survival, which is called environment. And, it is a known fact, that the environment is degrading day by day, may be due to over-usage, pollution or contamination, lacking in re-instating or creating those resources. Therefore, keeping a balance on the usage and creation of these supplies or…

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Ananda Mela 2020, Fun and Enjoyment Unlimited

Dum Dum Ananda Mela 2020

Ananda Mela 2020, was not just a fair, it was a whole package of interesting fun activities. It consisted of an endless list of amazing fun and cultural events. Ananda Mela 2020, amazing event of fun and excitement. Unlimited events to refresh yourself and enjoy the season of celebrations. This year Ananda Mela 2020, witness some great performances and competitions for the children. Alongside, it was a fair full of some amazing stalls. The stalls set-up exhibited and sold numerous amazing and artistic handicrafts. This fair or Mela showcased the…

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Belghoria Poush Utsab and Pushpa Prodorshoni 2020

Belgharia Pushpa Prodorshoni

This is the season of Flowers and festivities. And Belghoria Pushpa Prodorshoni 2020 has made another commendable effort towards providing an environment complimenting both flowers and festivities. The Belghoria Pushpa Prodorshoni 2020 was one of the major attractions this year as well.  Like the previous years, Belghoria Puspa Prodorshoni 2020, organized by 17Pally Nagarik Samiti was an event to celebrate Poush Utsab with a taste of fun and festivities. It was not just getting close to nature with all the flower exhibits but also and event to promote the cultural…

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Amazing assemblage of Flower and culture at Belgharia Paosh Utsab and Puspa Prodorshoni 2019

Belgharia Paosh Festival & Flower Show

Belgharia Paosh Utsab and Puspa Prodorshoni 2019 or Belgharia Mela 2019. Held from 5th of January to 17th January. This mela has it’s history of 28 years, yes this mela has been held for 28 years. This year also the organizers had put in lot of effort to make this grand event possible and a success. This mela has amazing collection of well nurtured flowers… All this flowers where put up on exhibition for the visitors to admire. There where different varieties and sizes of flowers along with roses of…

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