Food Festival | Dum Dum Nale Jhole 2019

Dum Dum Nale Jhole Food Festival | Dum Dum Cultures

Nale Jhole 2019, as the name itself is suggestive enough, that it goes synonymous with food. Yes, Lots of food, different varieties of food. Numerous cuisines to suit different taste buds. Dum Dum Khadyo Mela 2019 is a celebration of food and music. Kolkata Nale Jhole Dum Dum Mela 2019 is one of the popular among the food festival in Dum Dum, Kolkata. The Nale Jhole Khadyo mela 2019 serves different and unique variety of food to suit every taste bud. This was the 7th year of Nale Jhole. It…

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