Ananda Mela 2020, Fun and Enjoyment Unlimited

Dum Dum Ananda Mela 2020

Ananda Mela 2020, was not just a fair, it was a whole package of interesting fun activities. It consisted of an endless list of amazing fun and cultural events. Ananda Mela 2020, amazing event of fun and excitement. Unlimited events to refresh yourself and enjoy the season of celebrations. This year Ananda Mela 2020, witness some great performances and competitions for the children. Alongside, it was a fair full of some amazing stalls. The stalls set-up exhibited and sold numerous amazing and artistic handicrafts. This fair or Mela showcased the…

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Pakhi Mela 2019 brings the colorful birds closer for us to behold their beauty.

Pakhi Mela

Pakhi Mela 2019, was a wonderful event for people of every age group. The Pakhi Mela 2019, was an effort to bring the beautiful nature a bit closer possible to us.  The Pakhi Mela 2019, or the pakhi prodorshoni, as the name suggests was a grand event. Here, one could find rarest of the beautiful birds. In other words, it was also an effort and initiative towards creating an awareness of saving these beautiful creatures of nature from extinction. The Pakhi Mela 2019, was an event which made the children…

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Dum Dum Shishu Utsab 2019

Dum Dum Shisu Utsav | Dum Dum Cultures

Dum Dum Shishu Utsab 2019 Dum Dum Shishu Utsab was organized on the 13th and 14th of January. The smile and laughter of the children are very precious. So, why not give the children a reason to smile, laugh, play, enjoy and have fun. Dum Dum Shishu Utsab 2019 was a celebration for the children. It was a reason for them to laugh and have fun. This effort of Dum Dum Shishu Utsab 2019 is really commendable. It is always nice to see the children bring out and express their…

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