Shishu Utsab 2020, Charisma of the Children

Dum Dum Shishu Utsab 2020

Dum Dum Shishu Utsab 2020, as the name of the event it self suggests, it was to celebrate the talents of the children. Dum Dum Shishu Utsab 2020, An amazing celebration for the children, with children and by the children. As we have heard the term extra-curricular activities, this event created an amazing platform for the children to perform whatever every individual child does best. Be it singing, dancing, drawing, recitation, stage performance each child have some unique talent. Hence, this was the platform where these children could bring out…

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Belghoria Poush Utsab and Pushpa Prodorshoni 2020

Belgharia Pushpa Prodorshoni

This is the season of Flowers and festivities. And Belghoria Pushpa Prodorshoni 2020 has made another commendable effort towards providing an environment complimenting both flowers and festivities. The Belghoria Pushpa Prodorshoni 2020 was one of the major attractions this year as well.  Like the previous years, Belghoria Puspa Prodorshoni 2020, organized by 17Pally Nagarik Samiti was an event to celebrate Poush Utsab with a taste of fun and festivities. It was not just getting close to nature with all the flower exhibits but also and event to promote the cultural…

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